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Learning to control a pen or pencil takes practice. Young learners need to strengthen the hand and finger muscles in order to learn how to write. These path of motion worksheets will help.


The worksheets have students trace lines from left to right with 10 different styles of tracing lines. There is a green start dot and red stop dot on each line. Each set has a different theme.


There are 6 sets of worksheets. Each set has 10 worksheets. 60 pages total.

  1. Fish to a fishbowl.
  2. Car to a garage.
  3. Bee to a hive
  4. Baseball/Softball to a glove
  5. Soccer ball to a goal.
  6. Crayon to box

At the top of the page is a place for the student to write his/her name. There is also a picture of the theme that joins the two things on each sheet. Example – The fish to the fishbowl worksheet shows the fish in the fishbowl as a visual cue for the student.


Print for one-time use with a crayon, marker, or pencil.


Place in a folder or plastic sleeve for multiple uses with a dry erase marker.