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Linear Equations and their Graphs are an integral part of any Algebra course. This resource (worksheet with checklist and complete answer key) makes sure that students practice the 16 essential skills needed.

Students will practice the following skills

  • finding the slope given 2 points.
  • finding the slope given the equation
  • changing between standard and slope-intercept form
  • finding the x- and y-intercept
  • graphing the straight line
  • finding the equation given 2 points
  • finding the equation given 1 point and the slope
  • and much more

This resource works great as …

  • an assessment exercise
  • a worksheet
  • independent work
  • distance learning
  • math stations
  • math centers
  • homework
  • constructive group work when introducing the topic.

I love to improve my resources, so any constructive feedback from you will be extremely welcome. 

Enjoy this resource.

The worksheet contains a complete checklist so that students (and their teachers and tutors) can be sure they possess all the skills required in Algebra 1 and 2, on the SAT and ACT examinations.