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This set of 5 worksheets covers linking verbs, helping verbs, verbs that can be used as linking or action verbs, and combining linking and helping verbs.

  • Two worksheets ask students to choose helping verbs to fill in the blanks;
  • one worksheet asks students to fill in the blanks with linking verbs;
  • one worksheet gives students sentences using a verb both as a linking verb
    and an action verb, and ask students to determine which is which;
  • one worksheet asks students to choose a combination of a helping verb and a linking verb and use them to write a sentence.

These worksheets work great as an introduction, for extra practice, or for
review. Perfect for either in-class or take-home work.

Includes answer key for quick and easy grading.

Designed for grades 3-4. Supports Common Core L.3.1, L3.1e, L3.1f, L.4.1, L4.1b, L4.1c.