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This is a bilingual bundle with 6 Literacy units containing more than 520 no-prep printables related to the books A CHRISTMAS CAROL/ UN CUENTO DE NAVIDAD, NUTCRACKER/ CASCANUECES, and THE POLAR EXPRESS/ EL EXPRESO POLAR. The worksheets are complementary activities or a book companion for the stories and they also come in Google slides. Each Literacy unit contains:


•cover page to color (1 printable)


•Sequencing and order of events ( 5 charts)


•The climax (1 chart)


•Story elements (3 charts)


•Problem and solution (1 chart)


•Description of characters through circle maps, is-has-can charts, bubble maps, and writing papers. (21 charts and 7 writing pages)


•Description of the main character (1 chart)


•Writing a word for each character (1 printable)


•Character´s point of view (7 charts)


•Compare and contrast characters, stories and settings using Venn Diagrams (7 charts)


•Giving details about the setting (2 charts)


•Complete KWL charts (2 charts)


•Delivering the main idea with some details (1 chart)


•Asking questions about the story(2 charts)


•Complete figurative language from the story (1 chart)


•Finding keywords and writing definitions (2 charts)


•Vocabulary related to the characters: body parts and clothes and accessories. (label the words with the characters) (14 printables)


This unit also includes a set of flashcards with and without words related to the setting and characters of the story. They are added in two versions: color and b&w.


All the printables have a great variety of clipart related to the story.


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