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This decodable book and companion activities will give your students plenty of practice reading words with double consonants and double vowels! The reader tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood while building fluency, phonics, and comprehension skills.


This resource includes:

  • 20-page decodable reader

  • Pictures to glue into the reader

  • 3 phonics worksheets

  • 12 word/picture cards

  • Answer keys


Students will practice reading words containing ee, oo, or ending with ff, ll, and ss. There are also many words with double consonants in the middle that students read in the story.



To complete the book, students will:

  • Read a list a sight words found in the story, checking off the ones they know

  • Read the target letter pairs (ee, oo, ff, ll, ss, tt)

  • Read the story

  • Highlight words in the story with the target phonics patterns

  • Add pictures to the story that support the text (cut and glue)

  • Re-read the story to build fluency

  • Answer comprehension questions about the story

  • Record words they highlighted, sorting by phonics pattern


Skills include:

  • reading words with double letters in context and isolation

  • recalling story details

  • sequencing story events

  • using context clues to understand unfamiliar words

  • identifying cause and effect



Each card includes a picture and a word from the story that contains either a double vowel or double consonant. The words have elkonin boxes in place of the blend. Students say the word and determine what letters are missing. These cards can be laminated and used with dry erase markers in your reading centers. Includes 12 cards.



  • Worksheet 1 – Students read and sort words with double vowels ee and oo.

  • Worksheet 2 – Students read and sort words with double ending consonants ff, ll, ss

  • Worksheet 3 – Student read words with a variety of double consonants in the middle (ex: juggle, effect, sudden). Also includes pictures with words that have the double consonant missing. Students complete the word by adding the correct letters.