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I hope you are ready to tackle one of the greatest mysteries – life.
The principal focus of science teaching during the early years is to
enable students to look closely at the world around them. The world is
made of both living and non-living things. This booklet helps students
to explore the important differences between the two. It also challenges
their thinking about life.

This package contains:

Introduction – What we know and what we want to know

Three posters Living, Non-Living Never Lived – color as well as black and white versions.

1. All about living things

2. All about non-living things

3. All about never lived

4. Living! – How do you know?

5. Non- Living! How do you know

6. Never Lived! How do you know?

7. Ask the snow hare questions about what living things need.

8. Ask the leopard seal questions about non-living things.

9. Ask the robot questions about things that have never lived

10. Facts about living and non-living

11. Wise as an owl

12. Compare and Contrast

13. Three things that living things share

14. Three things that non-living things share

15. Living things need and can Create a Mind Map

16. Non-living things Create a Mind Map

17. Scavenger Hunt Living things

18. Scavenger Hunt Non-living things

19. Think Dive Discuss and ponder over the questions.

20. Think Dive Imagine and Invent