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These fun, easy-to-use Silent E / long vowel literacy centers are perfect for independent phonics and word family practice! Students fill in the missing letters in the shown on the Silent E word, then use QR codes to self-check the answers.

Fun, hands-on learning and engaging phonics practice!

These FUN cards are perfect for helping your students practice CVCE/Silent E, phonics skills, and writing while integrating technology.

This is a HUGE pack with 60 different cards!!! It features twelve different CVCe words: cake, gate, vase, wave, mice, bike, kite, lime, bone, hose, cube, and tune. Each of the words is shown in 5 different ways:

+Missing the first consonant

+Missing the vowel

+Missing the second consonant

+Missing the final E

+Missing the whole word

How to Use

All of the cards have a picture depicting these words and the written word with a missing letter (except on the cards with the missing whole word – these are blank).

Students use the picture and/or word clues to find the missing letter/word, then they write the answer on their recording sheet.

All cards are numbered for easy recording on the provided sheets OR students can write directly on the card itself! Once students have written their answers, they can self-check using the QR codes at the bottom of their cards!

With This Product You Will Get:

+60 different task cards

+5 numbered recording sheets. These can be copied front/back, or if you just want to use a small group of cards, you can choose the sheet that matches.

+Writing/drawing sheet for students to practice using the words in writing

PLUS!! I have included black-and-white versions of all the task cards and student sheets! Simply choose the version that works best for your printing needs. 


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