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Looking for fun and engaging ways to teach your students long vowel and diphthong sounds? Look no further than the Vowel Teams Activity Bundle! This comprehensive bundle of worksheets, wordlists, posters, games, interactive notebooks, and multisensory activities is everything you need to make your phonics and spelling lessons fun and engaging.

Inside you’ll find interactive centers, practice worksheets, posters, games, sound sorts, anchor charts, interactive notebooks, and more for teaching long vowel and diphthong sounds. These activities are hands-on making them perfect for teaching struggling and beginning readers in all types of classrooms. These activities help kids master reading and spelling the difficult vowel team sounds.


The resources use methods based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, so they work great in reading and dyslexia intervention programs. Activities are easily differentiated and appropriate for grades K-3 and all levels of special education. Each vowel team can be practiced individually, making them adaptable to any curriculum. They work perfectly in small groups and for one on one instruction.


► This bundle provides you with a year-long resource that can be used over multiple grades and ability levels. A variety of activities keeps instruction fresh and fun. When you purchase the bundle, you will have all the resources for 23 vowel teams. That means you can easily find the right sound to individualize instruction. There are 247 word cards that can be used for many activities, 8 interactive notebook crafts, 13 games, a complete set of letter tiles for word work activities, fun dough mats for each vowel team, a set of anchor charts, and lots of practice pages.



Instructions and Teaching Tips

Anchor Charts

Touch It, Say It, Write It

Word Building Practice Sheets

Fun Dough Mats

Sentence Reading

Silly Poems

Word Puzzles and Word Ladders

Practice Sheets

Fast Read Practice

Vowel Team Word Finds

Word Cards with Pictures

Word Cards without Pictures

Touch It, Say It, Move It

Say It, Circle It, Write It

Mix It and Fix It

Interactive Notebook Crafts

Review Games

Letter Tiles

Word Sort Recording Sheet

Word List – Sample Words for Instruction

Answer Key

Printing and Assembly Tips