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Item description

This vowel sounds card game is a great alternative to worksheets for practice with vowel teams and diphthong word fluency and phonemic awareness. It’s a fun activity for word work and sorting long vowel and diphthong sounds in order to play all the cards. An anchor chart and answer sheet/word list are provided for reference.

A student recording sheet can extend the game or be used as an assessment. As a bonus, the game gets students moving and interacting.

The following vowel teams are included in this game. Long A: ai, ay, ei, eigh Long E: ee, ea, ey, ie Long I: ie, igh Long O: oe, ow, oa Long U: ew, ue Diphthongs: au/aw ou/ow oi/oy

This game is appropriate for grades K-5 and all levels of special education. It is great as a review game for any Orton-Gillingham or other reading intervention program. For 2-5 players.


** Note: Not every vowel team is included in this game. Blank cards are included if you would like to include words or sounds that are not part of this game.  An editable PowerPoint file is also included.


What’s Included


Vowel Team Anchor Chart

Answer Sheet/Word List

Student Recording Sheet

84 Playing Cards in Color

84 Playing Cards in Black and White

Blank Cards to Customize

Editable PowerPoint File