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Help high school students extend beyond general reading comprehension and support the development of close reading analysis skills with this set of rigorous, text-dependent questions on the satirical science fiction short story titled “Lose Now, Pay Later” by Carol Farley. An answer key is included. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. By completing this activity, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly as well as implicitly
  • Examine a figurative expression (“used like a flock of sheep”) for meaning
  • Select expository character details that support the claim that the protagonist should be more capable of exercising discipline
  • Apply knowledge of literary devices including portmanteau and personification
  • Analyze the author’s diction to discern the intended effect of a particular word (staggered)
  • Visualize a particular scene to make a logical inference about the author’s intent
  • Explore the author’s description of the slimmer to make a logical inference about the safety of the contraption
  • Read a passage to determine its tone
  • Evaluate nuances in word meanings and use reference materials as needed
  • Articulate how satire is present throughout the story, indicating aspects of modern society that are being critically targeted
  • Write clearly, concisely, and accurately in response to analytical questioning
  • Exercise rational thought
  • Cite textual evidence in support of claims