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This school supplies in Spanish lotería set will change the way you review school supply vocabulary in Spanish! This product includes 35 playing boards in a digital and printable PDF format. This set also includes 29 cue cards for you to call out while students are playing! This set includes a word board, a word + pictures board, and pictures only board to vary how you play! Consider using the boards as a “Find Someone Who…” or “Te gusta?” speaking activity!

Spanish is a beautiful language that includes multiple ways to say the same object. Here are the Included words for this product:

1 – pizarra

2 – borrador

3 – subrayador

4 – pluma

5 – sacapuntas

6 – regla

7 – lápiz

8 – autobús

9 – cuaderno

10 – libro

11 – mochila

12 – calculadora

13 – computadora

14 – pintura

15 – escuela

16 – pincel

17 – tijeras

18 – lapicera

19 – papel

20 – nota (post-it)

21 – marcador

22 – audífonos (earbuds)

23 – pegamento

24 – carpeta

25 – ceras

26 – pizarra blanca

27 – cascos (headphones)

28 – papel cuadriculado

29 – mundo


This product contains a PDF download with a link to a Google Drive folder. You will need to make a copy of the files in the folder to access them.


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