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This is a fun, creative and engaging intervention for students who have difficulty with persistent lying. This intervention helps students project their internal beliefs and fears about themselves onto the monster that they create and imagine and gain acceptance from you.

Although this isn’t a directive/skills-based intervention, this mini-lesson has been successful at supporting students who have a history of lying. Students are encouraged to create their own monster and explore key aspects of their monster. This intervention includes various activities, reflective questions and worksheets.

Within this intervention the monster is also encouraged to play two truths and a lie so that they play intentional truth telling and lying. Additional creative stories will be journaled to support students to understand the distinction between imagination and reality. This intervention takes the focus off the child “lying” and allow them to explore it in a creative way that isn’t directed at them.

This therapeutic intervention requires the therapist to be very curious and unconditionally accepting of the monster that the student creates and imagines.

Remember the vital role of empathy and at the end of the intervention thank the student for sharing what they would look like as a monster to support integration.