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Promote homework accountability and measure general reading comprehension with this quiz on Act 2 of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. An answer key is included. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. By taking this assessment, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Banquo’s psychological state
  • Macbeth’s deception of Banquo
  • Macbeth’s hallucination
  • Details regarding the plot to kill King Duncan
  • Lady Macbeth’s reason for not being able to kill King Duncan herself
  • Macbeth’s inability to utter words of prayer
  • Lady Macbeth’s frustration with her husband
  • The porter’s thoughts on the effects of alcohol
  • Macduff’s suspicions
  • Lady Macbeth’s fainting spell
  • The peculiar events following King Duncan’s death
  • The reason Malcolm and Donalbain are suspected of killing their father