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Your students will get plenty of practice identifying main idea and supporting details with this set of no-prep activities! There are 3 different types of worksheets included:


Each page features a short informational passage. Students will read the text and then answer two text-based questions (one true/false and one short response). At the bottom of the page are four sentences to cut out. Students will glue these onto the graphic organizer to show which is the main idea and which are the supporting details.

In some of the passages, the main idea is implied rather than explicitly stated. There are plenty of details in the text to help readers determine the main point.The answers to the other questions are found directly in the text. I like to have my students highlight where they found the answers (as pictured on the cover). This shows me that they referred back to the text to find the information.


The second set of worksheets feature three different main idea statements. Students cut out the details at the bottom and glue them under the correct main idea. The three main ideas deal with the similar topics, so students will have to read each detail carefully to determine which main idea it supports.


These worksheets help students discern between supporting details and non-pertinent information. They will read a short passage and underline or highlight the sentence that does not support the main idea. Each page contains three passages.

Includes 13 student worksheets (5 for set A, 4 for set B, 4 for set C) plus answer keys.

These work well as homework, in literacy centers, or even for assessment.