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Many of our speech and language therapy goals incorporate finding the main idea, explaining inferences and figurative language, remembering sequences, and defining vocabulary using context cues. This October resource addresses all of these skills. Themed paragraphs are used to provide students with a relatable context. By giving the students this non-stressful context, they are more open to exploring the more challenging tasks they need to master. Each seasonally appropriate theme also easily allows you to incorporate ancillary vocabulary that students can then use within the classroom and social settings.


There is an original fiction and nonfiction paragraph included for each theme. You can complete one sheet during a session and give the second as homework or if you see a student twice per week you will be able to use a different page for each session.


October themes include Columbus Day, Scarecrows, Trees & Leaves, Spiders, and Pumpkins.

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All pages are black and white so they are ink friendly and easy to copy.


These amazing worksheets also work for articulation students who need some language enrichment. Just print a page and hand them a highlighter ( my middle school students love the scented markers for this). After they find all of their sounds in the paragraph and highlight them, they can read the paragraph out loud. They can complete the lower half out loud and as a reinforcement at home.