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In this Make a Budget Project, students will learn how to manage their money and budget for a family. Through this project based learning activity, students will budget for expenses from rent, utilities, and car payments, to childcare costs, groceries, health care, cell phones, and savings. Your students will get a glimpse into adulthood and gain REAL LIFE MATH experience!


The math skills used in this project are:

  • Solving Proportions
  • Calculating Percentages
  • Using Formulas (ie: simple interest)
  • Statistics (Pie Chart)


Students will learn about:

  • Income Tax
  • Household Utilities
  • Loan Interest
  • Health Insurance
  • Creating a visual of their budget (Pie Chart)


Project Parts:

1) Housing

2) Car

3) Cell Phone

4) Food

5) Entertainment

6) Health

7) Childcare

8) Miscellaneous

9) Savings

**Students will also create a pie chart of their spending and a write-up reflection.