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Make your own crime scene with these printable sheets. The sheets included will have you fill out victim statements, witness statements, suspects, details of the crime scene, and sketches if you are the one creating the crime scene. If you are the “detective” you will review the crime scene and follow the Detective’s 5 steps while you fill your own sheets to narrow down the prime suspect, figure out the motive, and find out how the suspect perpetrated the crime. The “detective” will process the crime scene to get to find out who dunnit!


Hungry for more? Well, glad you are because I have included the case of “The Stolen Phone.” That’s right, someone’s phone got stolen in the classroom and we got 3 witnesses and 3 suspects and we need a detective on the case. Are you available? Get on the case and solve it to put an end to this mystery. This case was designed for ages 9+ and can be solved by someone on their own or with a group.


What this super fun crime scene activity includes:

✅Create the crime scene sheets where you design your own crime

✅Be the “detective” forms where you use the Detective’s 5 steps to find out who did it

✅The Case of the Stolen Phone which needs to be solved PRONTO!

✅Answer to the case of the stolen phone

✅Availability in PDF Form setup so the kiddos can type their answers.

✅Assembly instructions


Have fun & bring your critical thinking skills!

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