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This is a set of math centers for exploring numbers to ten and the number bonds that make ten (Friends of 10). These activities build number sense and understanding ten as a benchmark number.





This set of cards help students learn to recognize numbers 0 to 10 in various forms. They will match a numeral card with the corresponding word card and the tens frame model of that number. Students should be able to easily identify each number being represented before moving on to the next two activities.



For this activity, students match addition sentences that make a ten with the tens frame model. The circles in the tens frame are colored to show the two numbers being combined. For example, the 7+3 card goes with the tens frame that shows 7 blue dots and 3 pink dots. This activity helps students visualize the different combinations that make a ten.



Each card in this set shows an incomplete number bond that makes ten alongside a tens frame model. The tens frame is also incomplete. Students can either count the empty spaces or use colored chips or a dry erase marker to fill them in and build a ten. After discovering how many more are needed to make a ten, they fill in the empty space in the number bond. The goal is for students to eventually move away from needing to count or fill in the empty spaces to instantly recognizing the missing number that is needed.



This can be used as a recording sheet to go along with the other activities or as stand alone practice. Suggestion: Give each student a small handful of colored chips (fewer than 10) and have them fill in the tens frame and addition sentence on their worksheet to show how they would make a ten. This would be a good formative assessment to monitor progress towards mastery. Provided in full- and half-page sizes.