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Do your students know the difference between observing, predicting, and making inferences? Can they use their observations to infer and make logical predictions? This resource will help your students master these tricky skills.



This is a set of posters with definitions and examples for students to refer to. Includes observation, inference, and prediction.


Includes 10 situational picture cards and two recording sheets. Students will study each picture and write an observation they can make and an inference. The second recording sheet also asks them to write a prediction about what might happen next. This allows you to differentiate the activity for lower-level learners or as a build up before adding prediction.


This activity requires students to read each statement and decide if it’s an observation or an inference. They cut each statement out and glue under the correct heading.

Which Is Which? WORKSHEET

Students read short descriptions of various situations and decide whether they involves observing, inferencing, or making a prediction.

What Can You Infer? WORKSHEET

Students read a variety situation-based observations and write what they can infer from each one.

Answer keys are included.