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It’s important to teach students what Car Speed you expect for different activities and situations. Simply saying “Calm Down” is too vague. This is why it’s very important to be very clear about the Car Speed that is expected during different times. What’s obvious to us, is not as obvious to children. This is why we need to demonstrate and set clear expectations about appropriate car speeds. This workbook explores emotions, behaviours, energy levels as well as strategies to help change gears (revving up and calming down). This workbook explores 3 gears – Low, Just Right and High.

This comprehensive workbook provides posters, a social narrative, multiple worksheets, activities and games. There is a bit of everything to cater for everyone! Based on an analogy of car speeds, this workbook explores the different gears that are appropriate for different social settings and environments.

This workbook includes the following:

What is a Speedometer?

– Car Speed Posters

– Car Speed Expectations (What the speed is good or not good for?)

– Understanding your Car Speeds

– Social Narrative

– Getting Your Learners (Activities, Worksheets & Games)

– Changing gears (revving up and slowing down)

– Strategy visual cards and Sorting Worksheets

– How your Speeds feel in your body?

– Exploring and Sorting your Emotional State Activity

– Fill in the Pattern

– Matching Scenarios to Car Speeds

– Matching Car Speeds with Feelings

– Colouring Pages

– Cut, Sort & Match

– Group Discussion Scenarios

– Two-piece puzzles

– Teacher Says Action Cards

– Draw a picture for different speeds

– Well Done! Learner License Template

This workbook is based on three different speeds. They include:

1. Low

2. Just Right

3. High