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This resource includes 4 of our resources. These resources could help your students cope and adjust to difficult events and situations such as trauma and manage their emotions better.

The resources include:

1.  Managing Trauma

This resource is for students who are suffering from trauma and have witnessed a traumatic event

It could be use as a group discussion or a one on one session. It could be use by a teacher or a school counsellor.

The resource include:

1. What is trauma

2. Causes of trauma

3. Ways that trauma manifest itself

4. Reactions to trauma

5. Activities on how to manage trauma

6. Processing Questions for each activity

7. Quick inputs

2. Bounce Back: Teaching Resilience to Students

Our students constantly face a lot of difficulties and struggles whether it’s family, school or community related. This resource could help and support them to handle their difficulties and struggles better.

This resource focuses on 4 areas of resiliency:

1. Self-Awareness

2. Conflict resolution

3. Empathy

4. Teaching Courage

It includes:

1. Definition of terms

2. Activities for each area

3.Inputs to use for discussion for each area

3. Processing Questions for each activity

3. Resilience Affirmations

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from tough situations. When a person is ready to bounce back from a difficult situation, these affirmations could help them get their heads out of the clouds and make them feel better.

These affirmations could re-focus your thoughts and be more positive. These are designed to create self-change. They could serve as an inspiration and reminders for everyday life.

These affirmations could be done first thing in the morning or in the evening or could be done throughout the day. It is suggested to use these affirmations regularly to create more impact and preserve emotional potency.

These could be printed out and you could bring them along wherever you are .

These resilience affirmation cards are in A4 size and JPEG format.

List of Resilience Affirmation Cards:

I can overcome my obstacles

I am creative

I am resourceful

I am resilient

I am emotionally resilient

I am strong

I am persistent

I am kind, smart,and important

It’s okay. I can do this

I will get through this

I will be okay

I am capable of amazing things

I am a good person

I deserve to be happy

I am stronger than I think

I am amazing

I can do anything I set my mind to

I will keep going

Do not give up

Keep moving forward

I can handle change with ease

I am unique

I believe in my abilities and skills

I can face every situation with confidence

There is always a solution to every problem

I am responsible for how I respond to others

I have the power to choose to let go of any emotion

Any difficulty that comes my way is an opportunity to grow

I am full of energy and joy

I have the power to create change

My possibilities are endless

I am in charge of how I feel

I choose happiness

I can, I will

I can make healthy choices

4.Emotional Intelligence: Activities for Student Well-Being

Teaching emotional intelligence could help students handle situations effectively, be able to identify, communicate their feelings to other people and could help them read situations and relationships. It could also help them regulate their emotions and help them respond appropriately to others.

This Emotional Intelligence resource focuses on 4 areas:

1. Intrapersonal

2. Interpersonal

3. Stress Management

4. General Mood

This emotional intelligence resource includes:

a. Definition of Emotional intelligence

b. Signs of high emotional intelligence

c. Signs of low emotional intelligence

d. Activities on the 4 focused areas

e. Processing questions to facilitate better learning experiences