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Mandarin Chinese picture flashcards, with simplified characters and Pinyin pronunciation, for use in the classroom or self-study!

This PDF document contains 10 A4 pages of picture flashcards to print – 30 farm and zoo animals in total. Each page contains 6 images, a colorful picture on the left, alongside the simplified Chinese character, with the pinyin pronunciation and tonal markers underneath.

Topic: Animals 动物

Vocabulary included:

  1. cat 猫
  2. dog 狗
  3. rabbit 兔子
  4. pig 猪
  5. sheep 羊
  6. hen 母鸡
  7. mouse 老鼠
  8. cow 母牛
  9. duck 鸭
  10. goat 山羊
  11. bull 公牛
  12. turkey 火鸡
  13. rooster 公鸡
  14. horse 马
  15. donkey 驴
  16. elephant 大象
  17. giraffe 长颈鹿
  18. hippo 河马
  19. lion 狮子
  20. gorilla 大猩猩
  21. monkey 猴子
  22. tiger 老虎
  23. zebra 斑马
  24. kangaroo 袋鼠
  25. crocodile 鳄鱼
  26. camel 骆驼
  27. ostrich 鸵鸟
  28. rhino 犀牛
  29. antelope 领养
  30. panther 豹

Can be printed on card or paper. By folding each sheet down the vertical center before laminating, you can create double-sided cards to review. Alternatively, images can be used separately, for word walls, matching activities, etc.

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