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Mandarin Chinese flashcards for use in the classroom or self-study!

This PDF document contains 5 A4 pages of picture flashcards to print. Each page contains 6 images, a colorful picture on the left, alongside the simplified Chinese character with the pinyin pronunciation and tonal markers underneath.

Topic: How are you? Emotions 感情

Vocabulary included:

  1. very well 很好
  2. happy 高兴
  3. not good 不好
  4. angry 生气
  5. sad 伤心
  6. tired 累
  7. so-so 马马虎虎
  8. confused 困惑
  9. surprised 惊讶
  10. sick 生病
  11. excited 兴奋
  12. scared 害怕
  13. embarrassed 尴尬
  14. uncomfortable 不舒服
  15. bored 无聊

These can be printed on card or paper. By folding each sheet down the vertical center before laminating, you can create double-sided cards to review. Alternatively, images can be used separately, for matching activities, etc.

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