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Mandarin Chinese picture flash cards, with simplified characters and Pinyin pronunciation, for use in the classroom or self-study!

This PDF document contains 5 A4 pages of picture flashcards to print, with the 4 seasons and 11 types of weather. Each page contains 6 images, a colorful picture on the left, alongside the simplified Chinese character, with the pinyin pronunciation and tonal markers underneath.

Topic: Seasons & Weather 季节&天气

Vocabulary included:

  • Spring 春天
  • Summer 夏天
  • Autumn 秋天
  • Winter 冬天
  • Sunny 晴天
  • Cloudy 多云
  • Rainy 下雨
  • Partly cloudy 部分晴
  • Snowy 下雪
  • Stormy 暴风雨
  • Sleet 雨雪
  • Windy 刮风
  • Hot 热
  • Cold 冷
  • Warm 温暖

Can be printed on card or paper. By folding each sheet down the vertical center before laminating, you can create double-sided cards to review. Alternatively, images can be used separately, for word walls, matching activities, etc.