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Item description

This resource helps students learn about the different types of maps and common map features. It includes 17 visuals/posters plus a worksheet/assessment.


These can be kept together as a single page or cut apart into separate cards for display or a matching activity. The top of each card has the title and definition, and the bottom has a full-color illustration.


This activity requires students to match the types of maps to their purpose, know the function of various map features, and be able to identify cardinal and intermediate directions on a compass rose. Can be used an an assessment.

The types of maps and features included in this set are:

  • compass rose
  • key or legend
  • scale
  • cardinal directions
  • intermediate directions
  • physical map
  • road map
  • resource map
  • political map
  • contour map
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • equator
  • prime meridian
  • poles
  • northern hemisphere
  • southern hemisphere