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Students can use textbooks, the internet, maps, and library books to perform research to complete the pages about South America.



✅waters around South America

✅bodies of water in South America

✅The Amazon Rainforest

✅map of countries in South America unlabeled

✅labeling 16 countries in South America

✅facts about South America

✅agua alrededor de Sudamerica (Spanish version)

✅cuerpos de agua en Sudamerica (Spanish version)

✅La selva Amazonica (Spanish version)

✅paises en Sudamerica(Spanish version)

✅etiqueteando paises en Sudamerica (Spanish version)

✅hechos sobre Sudamerica (Spanish version)


This set will provide students the opportunity to become savvy researchers to complete each page and it will require the use of a map to find the countries as well as known bodies of water.

This resource will encompass the continent of South America.

Part of “Around the 7 continents BUNDLE”.

Happy researching!