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No prep! Integrate your Social Studies Map Skills unit into your Literacy Block with these digital ELA Literacy centers and academic vocabulary and grammar posters, perfect for independent work, whole class lessons, and small group intervention. All of these activities were created in Google Slides with a 16:9 format that is perfect for Google Classroom assignments (easy to read!) as well as projecting onto a white board because the image is maximized. This resource, inspired by the Mentor Text, Mapping Penny’s World by Loreen Leedy (not included), is full of options for extending your content teaching into your reading and writing blocks. Plus, using Mentor Texts provides further opportunity to model reading fluency, comprehension strategies, and reading skills. Interactive Read Alouds help even the most reluctant students to engage…with JOY! Win! Win! Win!

This GOOGLE SLIDES (16:9 format) resource includes:

— Essential Question

— 3 Academic vocabulary posters (definition, synonym, antonym)

that use Map Skills content as examples

— 2 Grammar posters (singular/plural nouns, commom/proper nouns)

— 8 digital activity slides

* Maps CAN, HAVE, ARE Thinking Sheet

* Definitions Match

* Synonyms Match

* Grammar Sort (Singular, Plural, Proper Nouns)

* My Content Cache (students work to recall the map images/icons on the page)

* I Can Read a Map!

* Vocabulary Sentence Writing Sheet

* Essential Question Paragraph Writing Sheet

8 pages of Teacher Notes with ideas and teaching tips.

Answer Keys for each center activities

Please note, this resources does NOT INCLUDE:

* the mentor text Mapping Penny’s World

Want more? Check out my Map Skills Vocabulary Resource that is sold separately.

Or BUNDLE all 4 printable and digital MAP ACTIVITIES and KABOOM for great


And, are you are looking for an engaging routine to teach grammar? I LUV to teach grammar using mentor sentences taken from the beloved Mentor Texts we read every day in my classroom. I have developed digital MENTOR SENTENCE JOURNALS that use mentor sentences from the mentor texts you already read throughout the year! With these DIGITAL MENTOR SENTENCE JOURNALS students drag and highlight features of the mentor sentence to practice labeling parts of speech, grammar concepts, and writer’s craft.  Students also revise, edit and write their own sentences following the diagrammed model. The lesson plans included in these resources allow you to provide instruction in a variety of settings depending on the needs of your students — from whole class, to independent ELA Centers, small group lessons, to RTI.  A suggested ANSWER KEY is included. 

In my teaching, I use picture books every day, carefully choosing texts across the curriculum, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, SEL.  Why Mentor Texts?…They are  engaging,  model reading and writing strategies,  present content, concepts and vocabulary in a context kids can relate to and recall, and they provide a platform for making deep connections across the curriculum! Mentor Sentences connect our reading, concepts, and vocabulary to our writing and grammar.  Wow! Win-win-win-win-win!