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<p>Hi everyone! Thank you for looking further into my resource. This is a scavenger hunt for Martin Luther King Jr. </p><p></p><p><strong>Included:</strong></p><ul><li>Answer Key</li><li>11 posters to go around the room with article and questions</li><li>Article that’s the same as the one on the posters</li><li>Recording Sheet</li><li>Crack the Code Sheet</li><li>Directions</li></ul><p><strong>Just to clarify: </strong><em>There is 1 article printed multiple times for students to refer to</em></p><p></p><p>Students need to read the article about Martin Luther King Jr.. Then, students need to start with the recording sheet and take it with them at the “Start Here” poster. Students put the answer to the question on number 1 on their recording sheet, then go to the poster that has the answer to number 1 written at the top. And so on. To further this activity, there is a crack the code sheet. Students need to circle the first letter to each of their answers on their recording sheet. The circled letters will then spell out “I Have a Dream” for students to put on their crack the code sheet. Students also have space to fill out something that they learned and self reflect.</p><p></p><p><strong>**************************************************************************************************************</strong></p><p>I hope you enjoy this activity! If you take pictures of your students using it, please tag me on Instagram @MyClassyAdventures. </p><p><strong>