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This is a pack for the title of the Virgin Mary that we know as Mother of the Church. It’s perfect for the month of May for Mary or for her feast day in May/June….or anytime! There are plenty of activities and worksheets for Mother of the Church, to accompany a lesson, review, or to use to suit your needs. The pack will work for a variety ages/grades and includes several events from the story of Mary, Mother of the Church.



Included in this pack….

▪ Reading Comprehension

▫ Reading Passage with Q&A

▪ Worksheet

▫ Fill in the Blank

▫ Timeline

▪ Puzzles

▫ Word Search

▫ Matching

▪ Charts

▫ 4 Facts

▫ K – W – L

▪ Posters and Coloring Pages

▫ Prayer Poster (C & BW – Can also be Used as a Coloring Page)

▫ Feast Day Coloring

▪ Activities

▫ 2 Jigsaw Puzzles

▪ Answer Keys

▫ Reading Comprehension, Worksheets, Puzzles, and Activities


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