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Watch the preview video of my first 50-item Math Assessment
Test here. Only 25 items are shown in this preview, only odd-numbered items are supplied
with answers, and the length of time allotted for each item to be answered is
shorter than originally intended.

This Math test assesses the student’s preexisting knowledge,
understanding, and skills regarding number
theory, arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. It deals with place value; standard, expanded, and
exponential forms; rounding off; Roman numerals; addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers; PEMDAS; prime
factorization; GCF and LCM; ratio and proportion; percentage, base, and rate;
discount and commission; points, lines, and angles; polygons; solid figures;
perimeter, circumference, area, surface area, and volume; time; units of
measurement; temperature; graph; algebraic expressions  and equations; plus more. It is also
available in a printable Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Quick Math Assessment Test A is one of
the many Math Assessment Tests that I will be releasing. All Math Assessment
Tests have answer keys. They use the same font, color, design, and animation
effects. Since the numbering is editable, you can choose test items from my
different PowerPoint files and order them as you wish.  I hope this collection of downloadable tests
will be helpful and useful to you.