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Math Center – Addition Concept Match 11-100 is an engaging resource designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their mental computation and conceptual understanding of addition with groupings of ten.

  • Each number in the set has four representations for that number, and the cards can be divided into as few or as many sets as required.
  • This resource is extremely simple to use. In most cases, students will instinctively understand the task with little to no teacher instruction.
  • Using the arrows imbedded in the cards, students complete a set of four in the same ordered way. The arrows also provide a puzzle element which adds a level of engagement and satisfaction to student learning.
  • Although these cards can be used in a variety of contexts, they are commonly used in math centers or rotations.

This resources contains:

  • A total of 352 cards (Every number between 11-100 with 4 representations for each).