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Math Center: Mixed Representations – Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide Bundle is a set of 4 matching activities designed to build both a conceptual and working understanding that amounts can be represented in many ways.

It develops mental computational fluency, creates flexibility in counting and is an ideal resource for independent math centers or math station rotations.


  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards.
  • Mix the cards.
  • Students create a match of three by finding 2 cards that have the same value as the answer card.
  • Using the imbedded arrows, one of the cards is placed on the left and one on the right while the answer card is always in the middle.
  • Cards can be divided into as few or as many sets as required. Depending on space and time, I will usually make a center/rotation that requires between 6 or 10 matches. It all depends on your own class situation.

This resource contains:

  • 244 cards / 80 matches (3 cards to a match) as well as one title card per set.
  • PDF and PNG files.