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This Target Numbers math game makes a perfect math center for teachers who are trying to engage their students while practicing place value of larger numbers. In this activity, students try to build a number as close to the target number as possible.

In this place value game, students build a number by drawing cards and arranging them on a place value chart as close as possible to the number on the target card. This number may be less than or greater than the target number, unless they draw a card that states otherwise. At the end, the students determine who has the closest number by subtracting.

This resource covers the following math skills:

✓ place value of multi-digit/large numbers AND includes decimals for use if desired

✓ greater than and less than practice

✓ subtraction of larger numbers (or multi-digit numbers)

✓ practice mental math

✓ paying attention to details

Additionally, you’ll find that there are two different versions, one in color and one in black and white.

In this resource you will get:

✓ 2 different game directions (regular version and challenging)

✓ 72 target cards (ranging from ones [for decimal use] to millions)

✓ place value chart (ranging from thousandth to hundred million)

✓ playing cards (number cards, wild cards, and more)

✓ black and white versions

This engaging math game for comparing place values of larger, multi-digit number and/or decimal numbers can be used for guided math, early finishers, review activities, small groups, partner work, whole group, math centers, and so much more!

The goal is to get students to compare and order multi-digit (larger) numbers, while engaging them.