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Math Classics: Number Sense Bundle contains six resources that have been designed to give students the time and space to learn how to count more efficiently.

When confronted with the task of counting, children have an in-built mental mechanism that searches for the way to do so with the most efficiency.

With practice, even a child with only the most basic of counting skills will naturally evolve with the process and will begin to manipulate numbers more effectively.

These cards will give your students just the right time to ensure their learning is consolidated.

The extra individual, high quality PNG files are for you to show the students as a class on your screen/projector, should you desire.

Themes include:

  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Counting Fingers
  • Ten Frames
  • Tally Mark
  • Grouped Objects
  • Adding Dominoes

This resource contains:

  • A total of 186 cards (30 task cards and 1 title card per set)
  • Student recording sheets
  • Answer keys
  • Complete PDF and individual PNG files of the cards also included


  • Print, laminate and cut into individual cards.
  • Print student sheet and provide each student with an answer sheet.
  • Distribute the cards around the room (or allocate your desired number of cards for use in a math rotation/center)
  • Check answers

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