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Item description

This collection of 10 Fairytale Pattern Block mats and task cards will support your learners as they learn to identify, sort, flip, rotate and turn shapes. Great as part of a castle, medieval, or fairytale theme topic!


How challenging is it?

There are three levels of difficulty so you can tailor the activities to your learners:

  • full-size color and ink saver version for practicing matching
  • task cards for learners to put the shapes together without a mat
  • outline version for those that need an extra challenge

For a STEM challenge, there are also five sheets for students to design and build their own versions.

*Develop creativity and problem-solving skills as they draw a design, build it and re-work it until it looks just like they want it to*


The full-size matching mats come in color and ink saver versions.

What’s included in the zip file?

Mats (color and ink saver)

  • castle
  • crown
  • princess hat
  • jester’s hat
  • knight’s helmet
  • long sword
  • short sword
  • drawbridge
  • shield
  • goblet

Design sheets

  • Can you make a castle?
  • Can you make a crown?
  • Can you make a princess hat?
  • Can you make a sword?
  • Can you make a shield?

Task cards (A5 size)

Ideas for use:

  • supplemental materials
  • morning tables
  • math centers
  • stations
  • early finishers

I hope you enjoy using them with your learners.

These are optimized to print on letter paper.

Please ensure that you select actual size or set scaling to none depending on your print options.