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Addition Fact Games!

The games cover plus one, adding on 10, adding on 9, doubles, doubles plus one, 3 addends, missing addends, adding two, adding three, and sums of ten. (SEE FULL LIST BELOW) There are 9 games in color and the same 9 games in black and white. There are 3 pages of spinners provided in Color and B&W, and an idea/directions page.


This Board Games set covers these addition strategies:

1 page with adding on practice +1, +2, +3

2 pages with 10+__ and 9+__

2 pages with 3 addends

1 page with Missing Addends Sums of 10

1 page with Missing Addends

1 page with Mixed Practice

1 page with Doubles and Doubles +1

Directions & Ideas for use…

Black & White Copies:

Print Gameboards B&W, 2 crayons, & provide spinner. Partners take turns. Decide who goes first. You are not moving markers around the gameboard, just follow the path and take your turn answering questions. On your turn, spin spinner, if for example you spin 2, answer the first 2 spaces, if answered correctly color in your 2 spaces with your color. (second chances may be determined before the game starts) If answered incorrectly partner may attempt to answer correctly and if they do they will color the space their color. If both players are incorrect, leave space uncolored or continue to take turns until answered correctly (get out the manipulatives to prove your answer). Then the turn goes to the next player, continue in this manner around the gameboard. When you reach to end, each player counts the number of spaces they captured or colored and the one with the most is the winner!

Colored Laminated Copies:

Follow the directions above, but instead of coloring in the spaces with crayons, use colored cubes for each player to leave on their spaces along the path. When finished they can count their cubes to see whose color has the most.


•Use 2 colored bingo daubers for B&W copies.

•Choose a different spinner for your game.

•Use a die or number cube and play the game with a playing piece that you move around the board, if you answer incorrectly you have to stay back on the space you were on, first one to the finish wins. Its just that some of the game boards have fewer spaces so using a six sided die the game might be finished too quickly therefore you may want to use the spinner for smaller numbers.