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Math in the Real World

Students will pick a career and research specific aspects of the career in order to determine how math is used in their career choice. They will determine what math/science classes are required in both high school and college. This project includes a rubric that has them create a google slide with their information. A sample slide is given for the students to fill out.

I shared this with my students through Google Classroom and made them each a copy to fill out and edit as needed for their presentation. The final rubric is included at the end to remind the students how it will be graded.

I have used this in all levels of my math class from Basic Algebra to Honors Precalculus. I use it as a filler so if I finish a unit with two days before a vacation or towards the end of the year if I have a class where seniors are done early or to keep two sections of the same class at the same pace. I’ve also used it for students who are ahead of their peers to keep them learning but with their peers.

This could be adapted to cover English and Social Studies instead of Math and Science.

Could be done during class time or outside. I have had students finish this in a 45 minute class or over the course of three to five periods depending upon the course and student ability.

This comes with a rubric. Much of the project is open ended to encourage students to use their own creative ideas to solve the problem.