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Picture Reveal Maths – Sports Images. This is a great activity to play in small groups. Suitable for Middle & high school students.

6 slides:

Slide 2 – Multiplication

Slide 3 – Division

Slide 4 – Addition

Slide 5 – Subtraction

Slide 6 – Convert Fractions to percentages

Suggested Delivery:

Slide 1:

2 – 4 Teams – Each person in the team must participate by choosing a square. If you, answer the math question correctly you score 1 point for your team otherwise, you will give away 1 point to the opposing team.

If answered correctly the square will be revealed and if you can identify the image you get 5 points for your team. If the image is identified early, you can still score points for the correct answers to the remaining math questions, until the whole image has been revealed.

Remember not to shout out if it’s not your turn or your team will lose a point.

The first team to get the most points wins. Your tutor will introduce a tie-breaker question if needed. Good luck!


All images are related to sport and cover the following:

Crown Bowling





There are 12 questions per slide – it’s up to you if you inform them of the theme or not.

Slide 6 – Convert fractions to percentages – you can determine whether these answers are to be rounded or set to so many decimal places if you wish to stretch & challenge.

I have also left this unlocked so that you can change the sums/fractions so it can be used time and time again.

This resource has been created in Microsoft PPT 2016; for your convenience, I have included the answers in the notes of each slide. This PPT has also been saved out as PowerPoint Show file for your convenience. An Excel core sheet is also added for your use.

Please leave constructive feedback, many thanks.