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Item description

Scoot is a game that will get your students up and moving around while practicing or reviewing skills at the same time! This can also be used as a Write the Room/Math Around the Room activity.

This file contains enough Scoot cards to play with 30 students. If you have less than 20 students, simply cross out the extra boxes on the recording sheet. Arrows are also included to help guide your students to the seat they should scoot to next. Your class may not need to use the arrows after playing several times, but they do come in handy if your class is just playing Scoot for the first time.

This game contains analog clocks displaying the time to the hour and half hour. Some times are repeated to have enough for 30 players.

 How to use this resource:

  • The Scoot game can be used as a whole class review, practice, or formative assessment. It is played like a typical Scoot game and directions are included.
  • This game could also be used as a Read the Room/Write the Room type of activity. Post the cards around the room as a math center and allow students to hunt for them and record their answers.
  • You could also just place all the cars in a fun container and have students draw cards out and record their answers in either a center or even small group.