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Teach & review many skills with this math spiral review! Perfect for morning work or math warm up, it includes 20 pages for the 4th month of first grade, with all instructions and answer keys. Each problem is labeled with CCSS, so you’ll love how easy it is to cover the CCSS for Math with this NO PREP resource!

With this resource your students will:

  • -practice writing numbers each day

  • -work on addition and subtraction word problems, and use ten frames, number lines, base 10 blocks and drawing a picture to help solve them

  • -add three numbers totaling up to 20

  • -fill in missing numbers in number sequences

  • -identify & draw squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons and trapezoids

  • -review number pairs that total 10, as a strategy when adding 3 numbers

  • -identify addition and subtraction problems as true or false

  • -Identify 3 digit numbers represented by base 10 blocks, and write those numbers as groups of hundreds, tens and ones

  • -use base ten blocks to help solve 2 digit + 1 digit addition problems

  • -use base ten blocks to subtract multiples of 10 from larger multiples of 10 (ie 20-10)

  • -sequence 3 items by size

  • -from a 2 digit number students will +1, -1, +10 and -10

  • -measure with non-standard units

  • -interpret graphs with 3 categories, finding the most, least, fewest and how many in a category

  • -use data that is provided to complete a graph

  • -read and write tally marks (up to 50)

  • -make patterns with shapes

  • -circle the tens in a 2 digit number, and label two 2 digit numbers with < > =

  • -determine the unknown number in addition and subtraction problems

  • -tell time to the hour on both analog and digital clocks.

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