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Maths Statistics Activity cover Sum, Average, Median, Range & Mode. Suitable for middle and high school students. This document is editable. The background is for illustration purposes only and is not present on the pdf.


This game is played in silence. Students are not allowed to help each other or use any form of body language. Pens and paper needed for working out. The whole game is timed at 90 seconds overall (this can be varied to suit).

  • Split into three groups.

  • Cards laid face down on the table, groups stand in a line. The first student of each group turns over one of the cards and works out the answer using pen and paper – no calculators! Once worked out next student goes and so on.

  • When time is up, the group with the most points wins.

  • Allow students time to discuss outcome /answers

  • Group discussion: working in groups, frustration, timing element etc.

Please leave constructive feedback once used with your learners, many thanks.