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This Matthew Bible Study Questions (CH 1-13) worksheet packet will help students (and adults) track the content they are reading as they spend time in scripture… because what better textbook do we have than the Bible! As a Jew himself, Matthew offers a clearly Jewish perspective on the ministry of Jesus and how He is indeed the King, Israel’s long-awaited Messiah.

► We could spend so much time in this book! So this activity has been created to help middle school and high school students be in the word for themselves, by providing a structure of questions for students to answer as they read through the book.

In this folder you will have access to:
– PDF: 9 page worksheet packet, with 9 page answer key
– Digital: 9 interactive Google Slides to be assigned and completed virtually

In-Person: Print a copy of this worksheet packet for each of your students. They can work individually, in pairs or in small groups to complete the study guide as they read.

Digital: Assign these worksheets digitally for your students to complete as they are reading the assigned text.

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