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May Kindergarten workbook for math and literacy practice.
There are 50 printable pages in this packet. Print and use them for independent practice, small groups, review, and homework. Many of the worksheets are designed to help master the Common Core Standards.

May Includes:

*Butterfly Diagram Poster
*Label The Butterfly Parts (cut and paste)
*Butterfly Life Cycle Stages (cut and paste)
*Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Writing Practice (Spring Theme)
*Butterfly Color Words – read the 10 color words then color
*Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Writing (Cinco De Mayo Theme)
*Rhyming Practice (cut and paste)
*CVC Word/Picture Matching
*Beginning Sounds Practice
*Circle the Ending Sounds
*Write the Short Vowel Sounds
*Sombrero CVC Words (write the beginning, middle, and ending sounds)
*CVC Word Caterpillars (write the beginning, middle, and ending sounds)
*Read It! Match It! – read sentences and match to pictures
*3 Scrambled Sentence Activities – Cut, Paste, Write (Ladybug, Memorial Day, Cinco De Mayo)
*One Write About It – write a sentence or two about each of three spring pictures on the page
*Write About Memorial Day
*Butterflies Writing
*Write About Cinco De Mayo
*Pattern Worksheet (cut and paste)
*Coloring Pattern Worksheet
*Telling Time to the Hour (cut and paste)
*Ten Frame Addition (bugs)
*Ten Frame Addition (Memorial Day)
*Spring Addition Worksheet
*Subtraction Worksheet (Cinco De Mayo)
*Butterflies Subtraction Worksheet
*Honey Bee Number Bonds
*Count, Tally, Graph Activities (Cinco De Mayo, Butterflies)
*Maracas Count By 2s
*Write The Missing Numbers to 30 on Flowers
*Count/Write By 5s – use the pictures to help
*Comparing Heavy and Light Objects
*More and Less Comparisons with Ladybugs
*Addition Spring Pictures

I hope you and your students find these pages useful and fun. Enjoy!

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