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This printable is unique in that it is not about measuring objects but what tool to use to measure the volume, length, weight, or time. The child decides which card they would like to begin with. They then answer the question “What measurement tool would they use to fill the object or to measure the object?” They use a clothespin to mark their answer. A recording sheet is provided to write down their answers if you would like to use as an assessment tool.

Cards are also included to be used for identification purposes. Many children may not know what these measuring tools or instruments are called or what they are used for. This gives a way to help identify those tools and a way to help with vocabulary if a child has trouble with the task cards.


–26 task cards

–24 information cards

–answer sheet

–recording sheet

Suggestions, tips, and differentiation:

* Task cards can be used as an assessment tool.

* Can be used in a Write the Room game.

* Use in small group or large group.

* Use in math centers.

Creations by Mrs Mouse