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These “Meet the Teacher” activities are perfect for back to school season, and will help your students get to know you. There are two “All About Me” printables to complete or hand out to the class, and there is one sheet for you to print and send home to your class parents and guardians.


You’re always looking for ways to make a good first impression with your new students and their families. But it always seems to begin with staring at a blank word document trying to think of what to say. These crisp, easy to use printables will be your go-to ways to introduce yourself, year after year!


What’s Included:

  • A crisp, clean “Meet the Teacher” sheet where you answer some of your favorite things, and tell why you love teaching. Your students will connect with you from Day 1, as they see where your interests overlap with theirs.

  • A second “Meet the Teacher” sheet that focuses on some of your favorite things, any pets you have, some dislikes, and your favorite thing about school.

  • A “Hello, Parents & Guardians! Meet the Teacher” sheet that can be sent home on the first day of school. This sheet has a spot for you to tell a little bit about yourself, as well as communicate important things your new families need to know.

  • 2 Writing Extension sheets (About My Pet, My Favorite Things About School Are)

  • A color as well as a black and white copy has been provided for each of the three above.

  • A “Tips for Use & Student-Centered Activities” page full of ideas and ways to implement these sheets.