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This lesson focuses on helping the students to build strengths to help them cope with difficulties and challenges in school.

Our students’ life at school can be challenging and lead to disengagement and lack of concentration and focus.

Creating a positive environment for our students in school could help them build their resiliency to help them cope and manage the difficulties they encounter. We believe building a positive environment will make our students feel supported, more engaged, more connected to their teachers and classmates, and achieve better academic results.

One of the strengths we want to develop and enhance is gratitude.

Gratitude enhances the well-being of our students. By practicing gratitude in the classroom helps our students to be happier, more satisfied in life, have better physical health, sleep better, less fatigue, exhibit resiliency, helps strengthen relationships among teachers and classmates, and encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom.

Our gratitude lesson includes:

Gratitude activities

Gratitude certificates

Gratitude notecards