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This resource focuses on helping the students to build strengths to help them cope with difficulties and challenges in school.

Our students’ life at school can be challenging and lead to disengagement and lack of concentration and focus.

Creating a positive environment for our students in school could help them build their resiliency to help them cope and manage the difficulties they encounter. We believe building a positive environment will make our students feel supported, more engaged, more connected to their teachers and classmates, and achieve better academic results.

One of the strengths we want to develop and enhance is resilience.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficulties and not letting failure overcome and drain your resolve but find a way to rise again. By helping our students boost their resiliency, they experience more positive emotions than negative emotions, they are less depressive, have greater resistance to stress, and it also boosts their immune system which leads to good health.

Our resilience lesson includes:

What is resilience and what is not resilience

Keeping positive


Feelings activity

Problem Solving

Character Strengths

Stress Management