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Mental Math!

Addition and Subtraction!

Practice Counting, Addition, Subtraction and so much more with 20 Task Cards and 21 Skills Worksheets. Great FUN for CRAZY HAIR DAY, or any day!

This Math Center can be used over and over, just keep the cards posted around the room and give them a different recording sheet with a new skill. You have 21 recording sheets to pick from to suit the needs of your grade level objectives, and/or meet the needs of the students where they are.

Skill Sheets:

counting tallies,

one more,

two more,

three more,

one less,

next three counting numbers,

5 more,

10 more,


even or odd,


doubles +1,

doubles -1,

Doubles +10,

+1 then double,

-1 then double,


write your own tallies (number order)

write your own tallies (mixed order)

2 open ended pages to fill in your own objectives.

Cut apart the 4 tally cards on each page, laminate if you wish for durability. Hang around the room for students to walk around with their clipboard and recording sheet. I’ve made color and B&W options to chose from. You may also just cut cards and place in a Math Center bucket with which ever recording sheet you want them to use. Think about running the page double sided with 2 skills for those early finishers.

There are 2 open ended pages where the TEACHER can write in her own objectives, either whole class or to differentiate per the needs of your students.

There are 2 pages that do not use the tally cards 1-20, they are basically worksheets asking the student to write in the tally marks to match the number on the worksheets.