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Practice and / or review SIMILE, METAPHOR, and PERSONIFICATION with these 24 TASK CARDS and 24 PPP SLIDES.

Use the TASK CARDS at literacy centres, bellringers, during individual work, as pair work, for reviews or practice, or as part of formative assessment games such as scoot.

Present the SLIDES for whole group work or post them in your online classroom for studentsto work on at home.

This resource includes:

  • 24 Task Cards to practice and review metaphor, simile, and personification.
  • 24 PPP Slides of the cards are also included, which you can use for whole group activities.
  • Student Answer Sheet is included.
  • An Answer Key is also included.

Take a look at the previews to get a good idea of the types of questions.

Happy teaching!

Mr S

I have read through the resources many times, but if you see or come across any mistakes, please let me know so that I can fix it. I would love feedback on these resources, please – THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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