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Need some no-prep Halloween activities during your down-time, or for early finishers?
I’ve got you covered! Students will not only have fun, they’ll
actually need to use their noggins a little for some problem solving
activities. They may even learn a few things with the Halloween trivia
questions. Speaking of…….if you play trivia games with your
students and like to give treats, I even have a ‘witch on a
broom/pencil’ treat you can give them. Your pencils wind up in their
backpacks anyway, so disguise these as ‘treats’. Yes, they’ll think
it’s lame, but they’re middle schoolers….what isn’t lame at this age?
Plus, it’s the “winning” that counts in their minds, so they’ll
secretly like it. 🙂


-Rebus puzzles

-Word Search

-Parent Word game

-Spot the differences

-Cool coloring sheets

-A treat from you

P.S. You’ll have fun with this too!